ISO 18184:2019


Test method for the determination of the antiviral activity of textile products.

Product that can be tested

Woven and knitted fabrics, fibres, yarns, braids etc.

Description of Test

The viruses are inoculated to a specimen. After specific contact time (2 hr as a standard time but can be varied up to 24 hr), the remaining infectious virus is counted and the reduction rate is calculated by the comparison between the antiviral product test specimen and the reference specimen. The quantification of virus infection titre is performed by plaque assay or TCID50 method.

Examples of viruses used are Influenza A virus (H3N2 and H1N1) and Feline calicivirus, however other species of virus are available on request.

Third Party Validation

On passing this test, the product can be labelled as tested by airmid to ISO 18184:2019 in support of any claim relating to the test and data received.

Turnaround Time

Four weeks from receipt of samples.

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