airmid healthgroup was founded in 2008. The observation of the issues with poor indoor air quality, led to the development of a sophisticated laboratory facility devoted to the measurement of bioaerosols, those airborne transmissible biological elements such as viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, allergens and toxins, that can cause illness and a lack of well-being.

Over time, this ever-expanding laboratory capability was combined with state-of-the-art environmental chambers where our team’s scientific expertise allowed airmid to replicate indoor environmental conditions into which pollutants and infective agents could be introduced and measured in a controlled and safe manner.

History of the Name
When creating our brand we put a lot of thought into how the company and group should be portrayed. We wanted to select a name that reflected our group’s mission of preventing ill health and assisting people with improving their general well-being. Another important factor in the decision process was our Irish roots, and so we chose the name airmid.

Airmid was the Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts and made her name as a healer and herbalist. She was the daughter of Dian Cécht, the primary physician and healer of the Tuatha Dé Danann. With him and her brothers, Airmid presided over the Sláine Well of Healing. When specific incantations were chanted over this well, slain warriors could be dipped inside and become completely whole and healthy, ready to fight again.

Significance of the Logo
The airmid logo was inspired by the curves and circles of the Yin-Yang symbol and the Celtic knot, specifically the triqueta or “Trinity lock”. This evokes our associations with Trinity College Dublin.
and the trio of elements that originally comprised airmid healthgroup: Airmid Scientific Consulting, Airmid Health Laboratory, and health friendly airTM.

The logo’s striking and lively colouring reflects that we are a dynamic and energetic organisation. Its windmill-like shape reinforces our focus on air quality and implies a kaleidoscope-like movement.  This implied movement represents the interdependence of the business areas of airmid healthgroup.

Yin-Yang symbolCeltic knotTrinity knotairmid healthgroup