A comprehensive service for the validation of health related claims on textiles

There are a wide range of health related claims made on textile products, many of which are unsubstantiated or confusing to retailers and consumers. airmid healthgroup has expertise in assessing health claims on textiles. We provide a comprehensive range of testing services, advice and guidance in this area.

Whether it relates to virus, bacteria, allergen or bed bug barrier capabilities, dust mite or bed bug repellency, or antimicrobial properties of the new generation of ‘smart’ textiles, airmid can provide a complete range of internationally recognised or proprietary testing methodologies that will provide the necessary science to support claims. Our experience in this area and ability to interpret data allow us to provide valuable advice in accordance with the latest technological advances or international guidelines.

Examples textile products we test include pillows, comforters, mattresses, mattress/pillow protectors, sheets, filling materials and face masks.


Allergen Claims

Our team has world class experience in allergen analysis and can provide you with a complete range of proprietary and internationally recognised textile test methods to meet your requirements.

  • Allergen Barrier Test with airflow (Modified Dust Trap)
  • Simulated Use Test
  • AATCC 194-2013 Assessment of the Anti-House Dust Mite Properties of Textiles under Long-Term Test Conditions
  • Heat Escape Method
  • Real Time Allergen testing on Constructed Product
  • Measurement of allergen levels by ELISA 

Antimicrobial Claims

  • ISO 20743 Textiles – Determination of antibacterial activity
  • AATCC 100 Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textiles
  • AATCC 30 Antifungal Activity, Assessment on Textile Materials
  • AATCC 147 Parallel Streak Method
  • ISO 18184 – Determination of antiviral activity of textile products 

Bed Bug Claims
airmid healthgroup maintains an in-house colony of bed bugs and provides a comprehensive range of bed bug testing services, in dedicated chambers, to manufacturers of textiles and retailers.

  • Small and Full-Scale Bed Bug Barrier Test
  • Bed Bug Bite Proof Test
  • Bed Bug Viability Test
  • Bed Bug Identification Test

Pillow Manufacturer

We were struggling to achieve traction with our product, but the reaction that we receive from retailers and potential distributors has completely changed since we started using Airmid’s data to support our claims. It has definitely led to a positive uplift in the perception of the product