Bed Bug Testing Services

Bed Bug Testing Services

Traditional bed bug behavioural monitoring combined with highly specific and sensitive molecular testing 

airmid healthgroup maintains an in-house colony of bed bugs and provides a comprehensive range of bed bug testing services, in dedicated chambers.

  • Small and Full-Scale Bed Bug Barrier Test
  • Bed Bug Bite Proof Test
  • Bed Bug Viability Test
  • Bed Bug Repellency Test
  • Bed Bug Identification Test

All testing is performed on the Cimex lectularius bed bug species in a temperature and humidity controlled chambers. Video footage and imagery of the test can be supplied.

Our clients include manufacturers of textiles, cleaning products, travel accessories and vacuum cleaners, as well as pest management companies.

We carry out pilot studies on prototype products through to full scale studies for claim verification on established products.


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For additional information about bed bugs and their control, please see the following websites:


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Airmid has been a very valuable partner to us over the last 10 years and has provided the highest quality advice and data to support our allergen and bed bug protection claims for our market leading range of products