Surface Technologies

Surface Technologies

Validation studies of surface technologies are performed in the laboratory through to the environment where they are designed for use

airmid healthgroup is able to validate the coating efficiency and treatment efficacy of coated surfaces for their ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microbes.

Our clients can choose to nominate bacterial, fungal or viral pathogens (or a combination) for investigation. These are introduced to the surface of interest under controlled aseptic conditions at the bench scale to determine the effect of the antimicrobial treatment in question. Following a period of treatment or incubation with the surface coating, the microbial recovery is ascertained by washing the surfaces in a suitable extraction buffer and enumeration on an appropriate agar.

To further demonstrate how such coatings work in a “real world environment,” airmid healthgroup can offer bespoke investigations in our unique vertically integrated environmental test chamber that combines molecular detection in conjunction with air and surface sampling. Furthermore, we can carry out field studies in the environment where the surface technology is designed for use.

Testing carried out in this manner enables our clients to acquire data that is considerably more sensitive and specific than conventional testing methodologies. As a result our clients are empowered with data that allows for sound marketing and claim validation.

Example of recent work in this area

Robert Hickson

MD, VitrA Ireland

The quality of the third party data we received from airmid healthgroup helped us showcase our innovative strategy of licensing this novel technology at a prestigious international scientific event, the European Innovation Convention. Ultimately this will allow us add value and differentiate our customer offerings through a focus on health and indoor air quality.