Claims Verification

Substantiating health claims through Scientific Research & Certification

As a world leading testing laboratory, our data differentiates you from your competitors.

Our physician led multi-disciplinary team includes scientists with expertise in virology, bacteriology, mycology and allergy. Our team delivers data of impeccable quality. Further, we interpret results with regards to their likely impact on the indoor environment and people’s health.

No matter what your product or service life-cycle stage, we have the expertise to add value through:


  • Creating modelled indoor environments with Environmental test chambers
  • Ability to link chambers
  • Airborne sampling expertise
  • Expertise in a range of analytical techniques
  • Contract Research
  • Quality of our reports
  • Field Studies
  • Status and reputational benefits to clients


Consumer Products & Services

  • We enable innovation by stimulating ideas and complimenting our client’s R&D efforts
  • We understand the importance of speed and meeting commercial deadlines
  • Reputational issues, insurance and risk

Indoor Environments

  • Environmental data capture for health-related parameters
  • Health-related environmental trials and field studies
  • Epidemiology studies where bio-monitoring and exposure assessments are required

Our large environmental chambers and state of the art analytical technology measure multiple parameters related to indoor air quality

  • Indoor air pollutants
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mould
  • Particles including ultrafine particles
  • Toxins
  • Allergens

Our clients often describe us as a specialized extension to their own research capabilities. We provide scientific evidence-based data to support product claims.

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Global Mattress Manufacturer

When we looked at your testing approach, we got excited because we realised that it contained all of the information that the marketing people would understand and need to hear, and also had the technical depth that we wanted to ensure that we were putting a stamp on our product that actually meant something.