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Controlling humidity plays an important role in creating and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. 

Devices such as dehumidifiers and humidifiers can help control some factors that have the potential to be detrimental for occupant health and thermal comfort.


At airmid healthgroup, we recognise the importance of recreating contamination levels that reflect the potential challenges found in the indoor environment. We study the impact of dehumidifiers and humidifiers on the aerosolisation of particles, allergens, bacteria and mould. Our state of the art ASTM environmental test chamber allows us to control humidity and temperature and recreate real world conditions.

airmid healthgroup have the technical expertise to tailor test protocols to examine performance parameters such as microbial removal or water decontamination should you want to investigate them. With air sampling and particle counting in the highly sophisticated ASTM chamber combined with our adjacent microbiology facilities, we specialise in measuring both surface and airborne bacteria, molds, allergen, viruses and other toxic ultrafine particles. This provides a complete solution for healthy living and label claim validation.

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Roger Frye

Vice President, Global Marketing,
Fellowes Work Solutions

Working with airmid healthgroup has given us access to valuable knowledge in aerobiology and indoor air quality. Their scientific expertise and rigorous testing process has supported our message that Fellowes AeraMax™ air purifiers can make a real contribution to improving the quality of air in homes and offices