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clean_effects_asthma-allergy-friendly (1).jpgThe CleanEffects™ air cleaner manufactured by Trane®, a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has been announced as the first product of its type to be certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) following extensive research and testing at airmid healthgroup.

Central forced air systems have the potential to transport biological particulates such as viruses and moulds, as well as allergens such as those derived from house dust mites, animal dander and pollen, from one indoor space to another. As a consequence, effective filtration for the air being moved throughout the system is of fundamental importance to the maintenance of a healthy indoor environment.

A series of studies were conducted at airmid healthgroup’s facilities to determine the ability of the product to reduce airborne contaminants and particulate levels. The CleanEffects™ air cleaner was installed into our modified Ashrae 52.2 test duct which is connected to a room sized environmental testing chamber. This unique test system is designed to simulate a central forced air system in a building. Contaminants were serially introduced into the chamber, and air was circulated through the test duct and chamber. Room disturbances were also carried out to keep particles airborne in the chamber.  The CleanEffects™ air cleaner was found to have a significant impact on airborne allergens and particulates in both the duct and chamber in comparison to natural decay. Furthermore, the operation of the air cleaner was demonstrated to be effective at reducing airborne levels of Aspergillus niger spores by greater than 99% and 99.9% % of airborne Influenza A virus in the chamber within 35 minutes.

Electrostatic air cleaners provide filtration by first charging particles and then capturing the charged particles onto downstream collecting plates. The collecting plates of electrostatic air cleaners, unlike media-based filters, are not disposable and do not require frequent replacement. However regular cleaning of the plates is required because they can lose efficiency over time as they load with dust. airmid healthgroup assessed the impact of cleaning on the CleanEffects™ device using an accelerated loading process to simulate the build-up of dust over time. The device was then cleaned and reassessed post-cleaning. This process showed that the cleaning procedure was effective at restoring the performance efficiency of the device.

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