Microbiology Lab

Microbiology Laboratory

State-of-the-art investigations tailored to your specific needs

Our experience in innovative approaches to assessing products and services for their impact on consumer health, and our technical expertise in bacteriology, mycology, and virology mean we are well placed to help you obtain evidence-based claim validation for your products and gain an advantage over competitors. The combination of our microbiology labs and highly developed environmental test chambers enables us to customise any project to meet your requirements.

Our microbiology services include

  • Total viable count of microorganisms from air and surfaces
  • Testing of antimicrobial surfaces and fabrics
  • Disinfectant and sanitizer efficacy testing
  • Antimicrobials/biocides assessment
  • Bacteria, fungi/mold, and virus removal/inactivation
  • Interlaboratory comparison studies
  • Analysis via molecular methods (quantitative real time PCR) 
  • Qualitative fungistatic testing
  • Customised contract research for all of the above
“The quality of the third party data we received from airmid healthgroup helped us showcase our innovative strategy of licensing this novel technology at a prestigious international scientific event, the European Innovation Convention. Ultimately this will allow us add value and differentiate our customer offerings through a focus on health and indoor air quality.”

Mr. Robert Hickson, MD of VitrA Ireland

Useful information

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AAAAI 2013 Reduction of Domestic Allergen Levels in Carpets PDF

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