Allergen Lab

Allergen Laboratory

airmid healthgroup is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 INAB accredited testing laboratory Reg. no. 284T for House Dust Mite (Der p 1) and Cat (Fel d 1) allergen analysis. Our team has world class experience in allergen analysis and can provide you with a complete range of proprietary and internationally recognised methods to meet your requirements.

We conduct customised studies on

  • Products seeking to reduce the accumulation of allergen (textiles, cleaning products & electrical appliances, etc.)
  • Devices using steam, heat, UV, ions, or chemicals
  • Allergen removal processes including freezing, washing, and/or tumble drying
  • Allergen removal treatments (chemical, probiotic, etc.)


We perform testing in

  • Environmental test chambers
  • Homes
  • Businesses

Allergen levels are quantified using an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for:

House Dust Mite allergensDer p 1 (D. pteronyssinus)
Der f 1 (D. farinae)
Der p 2 (D. pteronyssinus)
Der f 2 (D. farinae)
Animal allergensFel d 1 (Feline domesticus – Cat)
Can f 1 (Canis familiaris – Dog)
Mus m 1 (Mus musculus – Mouse)
Cockroach allergenBla g 1 (B. germanica)
Pollen allergensPhl p 5 (Phleum pratense – Timothy grass)
Bet v 1 (Betula verrucosa – Birch tree)
Amb a 1 (Ambrosia artemisiifolia – Ragweed)

Useful information

AAAAI 2012 Airborne exposures to allergen and particles with and without carpeting PDF

AAAAI 2013 Reduction of Domestic Allergen Levels in Carpets PDF

Comparison of ISO Fine Test Dust Versus Real House Dust PDF