Microbial Strikethrough

Determination of the ability of a fabric to prevent the penetration of bacterial, fungal and viral microorganisms.

Products that can be tested

Description of Test

  • The test sample is placed into the upper section of an impaction apparatus connected to a pump. A collecting vessel containing a diluting buffer is attached to the inner section of the unit.
  • The samples of interest are clamped to the upper section of the apparatus and a 100 µl inoculum of the microbe of interest is distributed in small droplets across the surface of the test material.
  • The pump is switched on to allow for airflow to be applied through the test material. Any microbes that may pass through are impacted into a sterile collection buffer.
  • Following a period of airflow at a specified rate and time the pump is stopped and the collecting buffer is removed.
  • The collecting buffer is serially diluted and plated on an appropriate agar for the enumeration of colony forming units. To apply this test to viruses, TCID50 counts are performed to determine the level of viral penetration.

Third Party Validation
On passing this test, the product can be labelled as tested by airmid healthgroup in support of any claim relating to the test and data received.

Turnaround Time
4 weeks from receipt of samples


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