Assessment of antibacterial finishes on textile materials

Products that can be tested

Description of Test

  • Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae are used as test organisms.
  • The adjusted bacterial test suspension is exposed to the treated and untreated textile material.
  • At the start time (t = 0)  and following contact with the control and test textile 10 ml of neutralising solution are added to the test pieces to extract bacteria.
  • The solution is serially diluted and plated on an appropriate agar to determine the number of colony forming units.
  • The efficacy of the antibacterial finish on the textile is calculated as a function of the effect of the test material on bacterial viability.

Third Party Vaildation
On passing this test, the product can be labelled as tested by airmid healthgroup to AATCC 100 in support of any claim relating to the test and data received.

Turnaround Time
4 weeks from receipt of samples


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