This test method is designed to determine the antimicrobial activity of carpet materials. It may also be used to evaluate the effect of a cleaning process on the antimicrobial resistance of carpets.

Products to be tested
Carpet materials

Description of Test

  • A test organism is inoculated onto a test carpet (circular 48 mm sample) and the number of organisms present in the sample is determined.
  • After incubation, bacteria are removed from the carpet material by shaking in a known volume of extraction buffer.
  • The number of bacteria removed from the carpet material is determined by the plate count method.
  • This value is compared to the counts determined at time zero to calculate the percentage reduction by the test material.

Third Party Validation
On passing this test, the product can be labelled as tested by airmid healthgroup to AATCC 174 in support of any claim relating to the test and data received.

Turnaround Time
4 weeks from receipt of samples


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