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airmid healthgroup has announced today that it is expanding its range of microbiological services in the area of antimicrobial surface activity and biocidal efficacy. This follows on from the recent success of airmid’s antimicrobial surface testing, which was showcased at the European Innovation Convention.

Antimicrobial surface technology has received growing media attention in recent years. Due to the increase in nosocomial infections and the requirement for infection control in commonly contaminated areas, such technologies are valued for their contribution to the control of infectious diseases. The ability to coat commonly used indoor surfaces such as textiles, plastics and ceramics is also broadening the applicability of the technology to sectors such as airline travel, cleanroom facilities and sports facilities. It must be stressed however that there are potential pitfalls that may be encountered when scaling up such technology from bench studies to the environment in which it is intended to be used. Possible difficulties include reduced efficacy due to coverage issues with the coating, deterioration of the surface activity over time, or the removal of the coating following conventional washing.

airmid healthgroup, a specialist in the area of indoor air biocontamination and antimicrobial testing, has a particular expertise in looking at these issues. airmid can carry out a number of internationally recognised test methods related to this area including ISO 27447, ISO 22196, and ISO 20743. Testing in line with standard protocols may well be required for national and international regulatory bodies or technical and legal compliance centres. However, airmid also has the ability to modify these tests to the requirements of our clients by varying experimental conditions such as the exposure time, concentrations, or types of organisms used. Furthermore, airmid can support laboratory-based research by scaling up a project into their world class environmental test chambers and through to beta testing actual products at locations where they are designed to be used.

John Fallon, PhD, who heads up the microbiology testing laboratory said airmid is uniquely placed to support the product development process because “we have the ability to carry out testing from the bench top in the lab, to testing in an environmental chamber and then on to environmental field trials.”

The antimicrobial testing and consultative modifications are available now.

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