DēLonghi dehumidifiers are the first to achieve asthma & allergy friendly® Certification

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 DeLonghi certification

The Energy Star range of dehumidifiers and the Compact Dehumidifier manufactured by DēLonghi have become the first products of their type to be certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. The certification followed independent testing at airmid healthgroup to confirm that the products met the principles and criteria of the asthma & allergy friendly® ASP:11:01 Certification Standard for Dehumidifiers.

The first requirement of the certification standard is that a dehumidifier must optimise relative humidity levels. Testing in airmid healthgroup’s climate controlled environmental test chambers confirmed that the DēLonghi dehumidifiers could reduce and maintain relative humidity within the standard’s criteria when they were repeatedly challenged with humidified air over 12 hours.

Electrical appliances that function by way of airflow can increase airborne allergen and particle levels through surface dust re-entrainment. For this reason, the standard test method includes assessment of the levels of airborne allergen and particles counts while the dehumidifier is operating. The environmental chamber was contaminated with test dust and the air was sampled following operation of the dehumidifier and a room disturbance procedure. The results showed that there was no significant increase in airborne allergen and particle counts compared to levels detected in the absence of an operating dehumidifier.

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About DēLonghi

The DēLonghi brand is based in Treviso, Italy, and is the global leader in espresso and comfort products. Highest quality, high Italian design and meaningful product innovations are the core values of the DēLonghi brand. DēLonghi is present in over 123 countries and creates products in three main categories: espresso, specialty cooking and home comfort. After more than a century of perfecting its products, DēLonghi remains committed to creating innovations that bring convenience and style into every customers’ home; making the everyday better. For more information visit www.delonghi.com.


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