Philips launch AC 4600 air cleaner using airmid generated data on virus removal

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Philips, one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies and the market leaders in the Chinese air purifier market, recently launched their latest air cleaning device in China. One of the key features of the product include its ability to remove airborne Influenza A (H1NI) within 20 minutes of operation, which has been substantiated following independent testing using real virus particles at airmid healthgroup.

The strain of Influenza A used in the testing was an H1N1 subtype. Influenza types A and B are responsible for epidemics of respiratory illness that are often associated with increased rates of hospitalization and death. The main differences between them are differences in the two surface proteins HA and NA, which give rise to different subtypes. In the case of influenza type A viruses, 16 HA subtypes and 9 NA subtypes have been identified. During the 20th century, the only influenza A subtypes that circulated extensively in humans were A(H1N1) Spanish Flu; A(H1N2); A(H2N2) Asian Flu; and A(H3N2) Hong Kong Flu. A new strain of influenza A, H1N1 emerged in 2009 called ‘Swine Flu’ as it originated in swine and spread to humans. More recently in 2013, a new strain of Avian Influenza A, H7N9 has infected people in China and is believed to be from exposure to infected poultry.

The testing involved aerosolising living virus specimens into one of our 28.5m³ environmental test chambers under controlled conditions. The virus was introduced over a period of time with a ceiling fan operating to achieve steady state conditions and ensure a homogenous mixture of virus particles within the chamber. Control runs were carried out without the air cleaner operating in order to compare the impact of the air cleaner on virus removal to any decrease that may have occurred by way of natural decay. The device was operated remotely during the testing in order to avoid entering the chamber.

Four replicates were collected by biosamplers at each sample time point. At the end of the test the samples were removed and transferred to airmid healthgroup’s adjoining virology laboratory for analysis. The quantity of Influenza A collected by the biosamplers was determined by ELISA, with the concentration in each sample converted to ng/m³ of air.

The testing demonstrated that the Philips AC4600 air cleaner was extremely effective in reducing airborne concentrations of Influenza A aerosol in the test chamber, reaching 99.9% airborne virus reduction within 20 minutes of operation.

Further information:

Fabian P., McDevitt J.J., Houseman E.A., Milton D.K. (2009). An optimized method to detect influenza virus and human rhinovirus from exhaled breath and the airborne environment. Indoor Air; 19(5): 433-441.

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