Mercedes-Benz USA announce certification of their Cabin Air filters

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Mercedes Benz USA Certification Mercedes-Benz USA have become the first automobile manufacturer to achieve certification of their cabin air filters from the Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) following extensive testing at airmid healthgroup.

Increasing levels of air pollution, particularly in densely populated cities of the world, can be partly attributed to rising automotive and transportation emissions from the burgeoning numbers of vehicles on our roads. People in industrialised countries are estimated to spend over an hour a day in their cars. This can contribute substantially to their daily exposure to gaseous and particulate air pollutants. The passenger compartments of cars can act as confined spaces for exhaust fumes and particulate pollutants to accumulate. Vehicle occupants may also be exposed to allergenic pollen from roadside trees, grasses and weeds. Therefore, the provision of optimal air quality in the vehicles of people suffering from asthma and allergic rhinitis is also an important factor to consider. Cabin air filters can be a solution to these issues by improving the air quality within vehicles for both drivers and passengers.

A series of studies conducted at airmid healthgroup’s facilities assessed the effectiveness of Mercedes-Benz cabin air filters at removing airborne allergens. Using our modified ASHRAE 52.2 test rig, we demonstrated the ability of these filters to remove three common allergens associated with pollen grains of different sizes, Birch tree (Bet v 1), Timothy grass (Phl p 5) and Ragweed (Amb a 1) allergens. We also assessed the initial and final efficiency of the filters at removing allergen-associated particles ranging in size from 3 μm to >10 μm, by loading the filter with allergen-containing test dust. This panel of test allergens was chosen to include representatives across the pollen season. In the US, tree pollen peaks in the Spring, grass pollen in the Summer/early Fall and weed pollen in the Fall. Finally, the cabin filters were subjected to a fiber shedding test in the test rig, and they were found to meet the requirements of the standard.

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