Furnace Filters and HVAC Systems

Furnace Filters and HVAC Systems

airmid operates from state of the art facilities with large scale climate controlled chambers where we specialise in key areas of concern for indoor air quality

airmid healthgroup‘s experiments relating to allergen utilise proprietary Allergen Test Dust, which is scientifically proven to have particle size distributions and bio-burden levels representative of those found in a typical indoor environment.

The rating system currently employed by the HVAC/Furnace Filter Industry, termed MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values), addresses the ability of a filter to capture particles of predetermined size. The dust utilized is ASHRAE Test Dust, a blend of 72% standardized fine test dust (sometimes referred to as Arizona Road Dust), 23% powdered carbon and 5% milled cotton linters, and potassium chloride (KCl). Unfortunately, such assessments do not adequately address the fact that the size of allergen associated particles varies greatly between specific allergens and for specific allergens. For example dust mite associated allergens can vary between 5 and 20 μm with cat allergen can be found in particles as small as 0.5 μm and up to 3 μm and above.

We offer investigations in a uniquely integrated facility that combines a modified ASHRAE 52.2 test rig and state-of-the-art environmental test chamber, both of which can be operated in sequence or independently. With these facilities, we can aerosolise selected viruses, bacteria, mold species or other ultra-fine particles and monitor their distribution in the duct and the chamber, and their interaction with the furnace/HVAC filter under investigation.

The data generated will help our HVAC clients add value to their communication material and differentiate their customer offerings using world class marketing that can focus on biomedical data, health impact claims and indoor air quality.

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The performance of our technology is not reflected by existing industry test methods that are unrealistic and biased towards competitor technologies. Airmid designed a test system that was reflective of real world conditions and provided a completely different picture of the impact of our technology.