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Environmental Test Chamberairmid healthgroup‘s unique environmental chambers allow us to mimic indoor building environments and provide repeatable real time data regarding the impact of your air conditioners on indoor air exposures and building occupant health.

Pricing for the unique service is based upon a daily rate for the chamber and its staff of €1,500 per day.  Consumables and assays are additional. Therefore, by selecting the questions, time points and number of organisms, our clients can request bespoke projects and design their own pricing. Itemised project outlines and pricing for PCR or assay analysis basis can be determine for various organism such as Adenovirus, Staph aureus and Tinea Rubren

Service we offer:

  • Measurement of circulation and re-entrainment of bio-medical data of air conditioners
  • Microbiological elimination efficacy testing of air conditioners
  • Anti-microbial and photo-catalytic properties of air conditioners
  • Consumer exposure and risk assessment validation models of air conditioners
  • State of the Art air sampling techniques in the chamber followed by rapid in in house analytical testing including
    • PCR (Virology, Mycology, Bacteriology)
    • ELISA (Allergen).
  • Ultra-fine particle (UFP) emission studies
  • Claims validation


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