Customised Projects – Cleaning Products

At airmid healthgroup we excel in customised solutions to meet your objectives to differentiate and add value to your cleaning products.

The services we provide to manufacturers and retailers of cleaning products include:

  • Scientific literature based review and assessment of the ingredients of a product
  • Expert medical opinion on the potential health effects of a wide variety of ingredients and on whether the ingredients would be acceptable to people who suffer from asthma, allergy and non specific mucosal hypersensitivity
  • Comparison of the ingredients of a product against international limits set by bodies such as OSHA and ACGIH
  • Determination of the concentration of Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) emitted from cleaning products in our temperature and humidity controlled environmental test chambers
  • Review of the likelihood of the product to cause irritation or an allergic reaction on skin contact
  • Efficacy assessment of the product in removing allergens, mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Assessment of the ability to prevent particulates including allergen, mold, bacteria and viruses from becoming aerosolised
  • Measurement of real time concentrations of airborne particulates, chemicals, allergen, mold, bacteria and viruses during the cleaning process
  • Determination of effectiveness of a cleaning product in killing dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Assessment of the ability of a laundry cleaning product to kill dust mites or bed bugs
  • Assessment of the ability of a laundry cleaning product to remove household allergens such as pollen, house dust mites, or mold

Any of the internationally recognised or proprieatary test methodologies we offer can be modified to the your requirements.

In addition, we can scale up a project in our world class chambers, where we can replicate indoor building environments and provide data on the effect of cleaning products on indoor air and building occupant health.

Furthermore, we can support laboratory and chamber based research with environmental field studies at locations where the cleaning products and services are designed to work. In homes, offices and industry, we have the ability to reproduce the quality of testing that is carried out in our laboratories and chambers.

This breadth of testing expertise is unmatched in our field and is highly valued by our clients, particularly at the product development stage or in validating new technologies.  Partnering with airmid healthgroup not only offers clients access to an open source for innovation, but also to a unique, scaleable range of the testing facilities that can be customised to their precise needs.  This results in reduced R&D costs, faster time to market, and compelling scientific health based data which will set their product or service apart from their competitors.


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