Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products and Services

Solutions to address the potential of cleaning products and services to contribute to the health and wellness of occupants in the indoor environment.

With core expertise in preventing ill health due to indoor air pollutants, airmid scientists apply their skills to provide a real-world evaluation of the impact of cleaning products and services on surfaces, air & flooring in the indoor space. We have experience in assessing a wide range of cleaning solutions including hard and soft surface cleaners, professional cleaning services, gaseous technologies, mops, cloths, wipes and microfibre. 

Microorganisms are all dynamic and unique and the way they interact with different surface materials and cleaning procedures varies tremendously. Through our expert product analysis, research collaboration or testing we can provide optimal intervention strategies to help your business develop cleaning solutions with a competitive advantage in the area of health and wellness.

A Unique Approach
We recognise the importance of designing studies that closely replicate what is happening in real life in the home or other indoor spaces. Aspects to consider from a health perspective include;

What is clean? – visual vs hygienic

What is the optimal cleaning intervention?
– Frequency
– Method
– Professional vs home owner
– Safety and toxicology of cleaning products

Efficacy against
– viruses, bacteria & mould
– dust mites
– bed bugs

Ability to denaturate allergen

Sources of airborne pathogens indoors and potential for environmental surface contamination

Lisa Weston

Brand Manager at Solent Group

 Our investment in developing the breathease range of cleaning products with our partner airmid healthgroup, will provide new, third-party-validated, healthy products.