ASTM D5116-17

Description of Test

Determination of Organic Emissions from Indoor Materials/Products by placing them in a Small-Scale Environmental Chamber

Products/Materials that can be tested

Any product or material that is used within an indoor environment. Common examples would include: Paint, Adhesives, Flooring such as Carpet and Vinyl linoleum, Solvents, Finishes, Cleaning Products, Furniture & Bedding Constituents. A smaller representative sample of larger products is used.


This test determines the specific emission rates of Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from product specimens. Specimens are placed into a sealed chamber which has a specified constant temperature, relative humidity, ventilation rate and product loading factor. As the air in the chamber is fully mixed, VOC concentrations measured at the chamber exhaust are representative of air concentrations’ in the chamber. From the airflow rate into chamber, the VOC concentration, and the exposed surface area of the specimen, an area-specific emission rate or emission factor is calculated using the steady-state form of the mass-balance model.

Turnaround Time

5 weeks


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