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Acting as a health related extension to your R&D department, airmid healthgroup can identify problems and provide solutions. We provide you with highly valuable scientific data using real-time microbiology, which can support the development, validation or certification of an air cleaning device

Our studies are completely customisable and conducted in our world class chambers, where we can replicate indoor building environments, or through accredited partner laboratories where we generate repeatable data regarding the impact an air cleaning device has on exposure to indoor air pollutants and building occupant health.

Furthermore, we are capable of supporting laboratory and chamber based research with field studies in the real world environment where the product is designed for use. In homes, offices and industry, we have the ability to reproduce the quality of testing that is carried out in our laboratories and chambers.

This breadth of testing expertise is unmatched in our field and is highly valued by our clients, particularly at the product development stage or in validating new technologies. Partnering with airmid healthgroup not only offers clients access to an open source for innovation, but also to a unique, scaleable range of the testing facilities that can be customised to their precise needs. This results in reduced R&D costs, a faster time to market, and compelling scientific health based data which will set your product or service apart from your competitors.

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