ANSI/ASHRAE 185.1-2020

Description of the test

Method of Testing UV-C Lights for Use in Air-Handling Units or Air Ducts to Inactivate Airborne Microorganisms


The ANSI/ASHRAE 185.1-2020 standard specifies a test method for the evaluation of HVAC UV-C technologies for their ability to inactivate airborne microorganisms in the airstream. This standard specifies the parameters for assessing UV-C technologies, such as bioaerosol generation, and upstream and downstream air sampling procedures for microbial analysis.

At airmid healthgroup, we have over 10 years of testing various in-duct technologies, such as HEPA filters, electrostatic, UV-C, photocatalytic, and plasma against a range of viruses, bacteria, moulds, allergens, and VOCs. Testing is typically done in our modified ASHRAE 52.2 test duct; however, we can accommodate test ducting of varying sizes that are appropriate for single-pass testing or multi-room recirculation testing.

We can test your product in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 185.1-2020, or we can engage with you to develop bespoke testing tailored to the specific needs of your technology.

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