ASTM D6670:2018

ASTM D6670:2018

Standard Practice for Full-Scale Chamber Determination of Volatile Organic Emissions from Indoor Materials/Products

This practice is intended for determining volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from materials and products (building materials, material systems, furniture, consumer products, etc.) and equipment (printers, photocopiers, air cleaners, etc.) under environmental and product usage conditions that are typical of those found in office and residential buildings. This practice is for identifying VOCs emitted and determining their emission rates over a period of time. This practice describes the design, construction, performance evaluation, and use of full-scale chambers for VOC emission testing. While this practice is limited to the measurement of VOC emissions, many of the general principles and procedures may also be useful for the determination of other chemical emissions (for example, ozone, nitrogen dioxide).
Airmid provides environmental test chambers that are built in accordance with the ASTM D6670 standard.

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