Bag change


Description of the Test

Assessment of exposure to allergens and microbes during bag change or receptacle emptying.

Products that can be tested

Vacuum Cleaners.


  • The vacuum cleaner is fed aliquots of Allergen Test Dust until the bag or receptacle is full.
  • The vacuum cleaner is placed in a small chamber with known background readings.
  • Air samplers and particle counters are placed at fixed locations in the chamber.
  • The bag or receptacle is removed and replaced or emptied, respectively, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The dust bag or receptacle dust is placed in a container, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, which is then sealed.
  • Air sampling and particle counting are conducted during the processes.
  • Filters are processed and analysed for allergens.

Samples required

1 vacuum cleaner with 9 bags

Turnaround Time

4 weeks


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