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Interclean AmsterdamInterclean 2024 is recognized as the foremost trade show for professionals in the cleaning and hygiene industry, presenting a comprehensive array of cutting-edge cleaning products and solutions from across the world.

Team members, Ingo Weinhold and Richard Bromhead, attended the event, which provided a prime opportunity to connect with industry leaders and innovators and to experience first hand the industry’s increasing regulatory demands for product testing, focusing on health and indoor environmental impacts. This trend was clearly observed in the numerous conversations our team had with global cleaning and hygiene professionals, who are increasingly seeking certification and rigorous testing to gain a competitive edge.

Our team was on hand at Interclean 2024 to discuss how our testing services can elevate the quality and safety of cleaning products. We offer comprehensive testing for a broad range of products, including air and surface cleaners. Our rigorous testing protocols ensure that your products adhere to the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

Interclean 2024

Prof Daniel Bonn, Jon Green from IAQS

Sessions at the event highlighted the need for further regulation, in particular an impactful presentation from the Indoor Air Quality Society where VOCs were measured live on stage after various cleaning products were used. The increased levels, even from everyday items likewet wipes, was shocking.

We assist in the development, innovation, auditing, and differentiation of your products and services. Our advanced laboratories, equipped with multiple climate-controlled chambers, provide bespoke services tailored to your specific needs.






Our specialized testing services include:


Surface Cleaner Efficacy Evaluation

  • Determination of disinfectant wipe effectiveness in eliminating allergen or micro-organisms (virus, bacteria or mould) from surfaces.
  • Assessment of mop cleaning performance for removing/inactivating viruses or bacteria from floors
  • Evaluation of vacuum cleaner surface cleaning efficiency in removing allergen or micro-organisms (virus, bacteria or mould) from carpets and upholstery
  • Testing of robotic cleaner performance for removing allergen or micro-organisms (virus, bacteria or mould) from various surfaces

Air Cleaning Technology Testing

Efficiency Evaluation in an environmental chamber (AHAM AC-1)

  • Assessment of filter efficiency in removing airborne contaminants (viruses, bacteria, mould or allergen).
  • Determination of UV light effectiveness in inactivating airborne viruses or bacteria
  • Evaluation of electrostatic precipitation performance in capturing airborne contaminants, including virus, bacteria or mould.
  • Testing of Bi-Polar Ionisation efficacy in reducing airborne viral or bacterial load

Air Cleaning Technology Testing

Efficiency Assessment of in-duct air cleaning technologies (ASHRAE)

For ASHRAE 241 requirements, the impact of a filter or an air cleaning technology on removing MS2 Bacteriophage from circulating air can be tested in the duct and/or in the adjoining chamber.
Air cleaning technologies that can be assessed include one or a combination of the following components:

  • Filters
  • UV
  • Bi-polar ionisation
  • Electrostatic precipitation
Infectious contaminants other than MS2 Bacteriophage include 
  • H1N1
  • Rhinovirus
  • Feline Calicivirus, a norovirus surrogate

Other viruses, bacteria or mould can also be assessed against the above technologies along with airborne particulates, ions, ozone and VOCs.



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