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The research and testing organisation airmid healthgroup announced today that they have been approved as an external inspection institute by the Berlin-based European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Specific testing by airmid healthgroup can now be used to prove that products fulfill the criteria for the ECARF Seal of Quality, which is awarded to products and services that have been scientifically proven to be suitable for people with allergies and intolerances. The ECARF Seal of Quality has been granted to a wide range of products and services including air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, wall paint, washing machines, hotels and car interiors. The Seal is used by manufacturers worldwide.

Since 2008 scientists at airmid healthgroup have tested products from household names such as Dyson, 3M, P&G, LG and Samsung, to the predominantly North America-based asthma & allergy friendlycertification standards. With their approval as a testing institute for the ECARF seal, airmid healthgroup are delighted to provide testing for the European market and beyond.

Dr Bruce Mitchell, CEO of airmid healthgroup said “We are delighted to enter into this relationship with ECARF and look forward to contributing to their program, which informs allergy sufferers as they make product choices”. Dr. Andrea Jahnen, MD of ECARF Institute GmbH said: “airmid healthgroup is a partner who matches with the high quality standards the ECARF Seal demands. We are confident that airmid will use its expertise to maintain and further strengthen the ECARF quality level”.

ECARF is a non-profit charitable health organization based at the Charité university hospital in Berlin, Germany. Their mission is to provide all those whose lives are affected by allergies – parents, children, educators and caregivers – with the information they need. The foundation’s goals are to improve medical care, fund research and increase awareness of allergies in Europe. ECARF Institute GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the ECARF Foundation founded in 2010, inspects products and services prior to the final certification by the ECARF Foundation. Further it supports and advises companies across sectors and provides training.

airmid healthgroup ltd researches, tests and writes standards for products and services that seek to improve the indoor environment. Testing at airmid provides companies with independent data to support the development and health claims of a variety of products and services. The facilities at airmid include an allergen laboratory ISO 17025 accredited for Der p 1 (house dust mite allergen) and Fel d 1 (cat allergen) analysis. In addition, their site in Dublin, Ireland houses virology and microbiology labs alongside several state-of-the-art test chambers where tests are carried out under tightly controlled environmental conditions.

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