Dyson launches their revolutionary new humidifier

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Dyson have launched their latest product into the UK market, a humidifier using Air Multiplier™ technology for even distribution of hydrated air and Dyson’s own Ultraviolet cleansing technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria in water.

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The launch follows extensive research and testing by airmid healthgroup that assessed the product’s performance with particular emphasis on its ability to address the potential adverse health effects that have been associated with humidifier use.

A series of studies were conducted in airmid healthgroup‘s climate controlled environmental test chambers. The results showed that, as well as the product being able to achieve and maintain humidity within a tightly controlled target range, the UVC bulb in the sterilisation trough was effective in reducing the viability of the bacteria and fungi used in the studies. It was also demonstrated that operation of the humidifier did not contribute to any significant aerosolisation of microbes from contaminated water. In addition, pre-determined levels of bacteria, fungi and allergen were introduced into the chamber, and airborne sampling demonstrated that operation of the humidifier did not contribute to an increased risk of exposure through the re-aerosolisation of existing bioaerosols present in an indoor space.

As a result of the research carried out at airmid healthgroup the Dyson humidifier is the first product to meet the asthma & allergy friendly Certification Standard for Humidifiers (ASP18:01/101). The standard has been developed by Allergy Standards Ltd, an International Standards and Certification body who founded and operate the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification program worldwide.

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About Dyson

Dyson is one of the UK’s most successful employers, investors and exporters. They reinvest a third of their profits into new product development to drive future growth and employ a team of over 2,000 engineers and scientists. Long term investment in Dyson’s digital motors and new cordless vacuum technology fuelled sales and pushed turnover to £1.2bn in 2012. In 2013, Dyson produced its 50 millionth machine. In November 2014 Dyson is expected to sell more than 1m machines around the world.  The US is now Dyson’s largest market, followed by Japan. Dyson technology is available in over 70 countries worldwide. http://www.dyson.com

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