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This week members of the airmid team went to the Big Ideas Showcase organised and sponsored by Enterprise Ireland

Big Ideas 2012

The Big Ideas Showcase has become the key event in the Irish technology commercialisation calendar since its successful debut in 2009. It is the largest gathering of inventors and venture capitalists in the country. The event showcased the latest collection of twenty investment opportunities which are the culmination of years of research by some of Ireland’s finest researchers. Eleven Technology Transfer Offices also exhibited on the day, illustrating what their Higher Education Institutes in Ireland can offer industry.

As our goal at airmid is to help our clients enhance their offerings through health related innovations and patents, we work with a number of these  Technology Transfer Offices from the Universities and Institutes of Technology to augment our own body of blue sky research and development. We collaborate with Universities, Institutes of Technology, industry, testing laboratories, government and non-government agencies involved with  products and services that can improve the health of the built environment and any situation where optimal air quality is required. airmid is aligned with Ireland’s dynamic research agenda which is driven by an exceptional level of collaboration between industry and academia and is backed by a pro-business Government policy and tax system. We are skilled in creating value through a number of collaborative strategies including technology transfer, co-development between clients and licensing of our own intellectual property for our clients to exploit.

Either during or before contract research with our clients, Technology Transfer and Licensing can be a fast and cost effective way for them to acquire new and innovative solutions to their challenges. At airmid we understand that acquiring technology from external sources is becoming an area of distinct competitive advantage for our clients, and an increasing number of companies consider airmid as a valuable addition to their own R&D programs. We are established as leading experts in our field for intellectual property, licensing and technology transfer and will guide our clients through the process of: Identifying and protecting intellectual property, searching for new technologies, and negotiating and concluding technology transfer and licence agreements.

airmid is happy to advise senior executives from companies currently considering their innovation and technology acquisition strategy and step up their innovation activities. We can advise a company willing to invest in bringing the invention to marketplace and evaluate for the potential commercial possibilities. We can then develop a commercialisation strategy, consider the technical and market risks, and decide whether to patent the invention and licensing. Together with our clients, we can also try to find companies that might be interested in collaborating in the invention and seek champions upstream and downstream in the product development cycle.  Different inventions require different strategies and we understand an invention requires significant investment of resources by our clients so part of our service involves seeking information and feedback from the market from various sources such as retailers and consumer groups.

About airmid healthgroup
Our mission is to help our clients with products and services for the built environment to improve their customer offerings through health related innovations and marketing. To create value through a number of collaborative strategies including field research, environmental test chamber studies and licensing our own intellectual property. By specialising in studying how allergens, viruses, and other ultra-fine particles spread illness and disease in buildings we are a leading authority in aerobiology and bio-medical research. Our clients succeed by making the built environment as healthy as possible.

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