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Different flooring products and their respective cleaning recommendations play an important, yet varying role in the health of occupants in the indoor environment.

With core expertise in the area of preventing ill health due to indoor air pollutants, airmid scientists apply their skills to evaluate the complex interactions of biological, chemical and physical properties associated with flooring products and provide manufacturers with a complete solution for healthy living and label claim validation.

Microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and mould are present in our lives every day – whether they are airborne (bioaerosols) or on surfaces. Microorganisms are all dynamic and unique, and the way they interact with different surface materials and cleaning procedures varies tremendously. Through our expert product analysis, research collaboration or testing, we can provide optimal intervention strategies so your business can develop flooring with a competitive advantage in the area of home health. 


Design & Intervention Techniques that may affect Indoor Occupant Health:
Manufacturers should have a multi-factorial approach to optimal design, installation, and maintenance of flooring products. Design aspects to consider from a health perspective include:

Physical characteristics of hard flooring & carpets
– Construction of materials and finishes
– Potential contact surface area for contaminants

“Smart additives”
– Anti-allergen
– Antimicrobial

Manufacturing process & chain-of-custody

Installation techniques and materials

Cleaning interventions
– How often? With what and how?
– Professional vs. home owner
– Variability between safety, toxicology and efficacy of cleaning products

Useful information

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Reduction of Domestic Allergen Levels in Carpets and Soft Furnishings (AAAAI 2013) PDF

Global Carpet Manufacturer

Airmid’s unique input from a health & wellness perspective unlocks innovation in product development. We would only think about functional design, cost, fibre design etc, but there can be significant benefits derived from unlocking potential health implications that we would not have identified or even considered without their input.