Virology Lab

Virology Laboratory

We offer a complete range of advanced virology testing services. Your prototype appliance, its components, finished products, or services can be assessed for their impact on target viruses of your choice, using proprietary or standard test methods, in our state-of-the-art environmental test chambers and virology laboratory. Through our bespoke or customised research airmid healthgroup can assist you with:


  • Product development/Market introduction/Product growth
  • Product claim verification
  • Generation of marketable data

Our Services include

Claim Verification for consumer products

  • Impact of air cleaners, filters, or other devices on target virus(es)
  • Quantification of residual virus content within the device after testing
  • Efficacy of virucidal agents/treatments

Isolation & enumeration of target virus(es) in air and on surfaces


  • Our Environmental Test Chambers, with conditions tailored to represent ‘real-life’ environments
  • Linked chamber experiments

In the field

  • Hospitals, factories, offices, homes 


Virus quantification via the following test methods:

  • TCID50 in susceptible cell line
  • Plaque Assay in susceptible cell line
  • Real-time PCR (quantitative PCR)