Environmental Samples

Analysis of allergens in environmental samples.

We offer analysis for indoor allergens in environmental samples, such as surface or airborne house dust, air duct extracts, air filter samples and other biologic or environmental samples from a domestic, school or commercial setting.

This service is available for professionals in the indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, occupational health industries and any other bodies involved in environmental testing services.

We can provide you with a detailed protocol and kit for collecting your sample or we can process a sample that has been harvested using your own techniques.

Your samples can be analysed for the following:

House Dust Mite

  • Der p 1 (D. pteronyssinus)
  • Der f 1 (D. farinae)
  • Der p 2 (D. pteronyssinus)
  • Der f 2 (D. farinae)


  • Fel d 1 (Cat)
  • Rat n 1 (Rat urine)
  • Mus m 1 (Mouse urine)


  • Bla g 1 (B. germanica)


  • Phl p 5 (Phleum pratense – Timothy)
  • Bet v 1 (Betula verrucosa – Birch)
  • Amb a 1 (Ambrosia artemisiifolia – Ragweed) 

We will give you a short report to assist you on result interpretation.

Airborne Allergen Levels are quantified using an augmented ELISA with a detection level of 20pg for House Dust Mite and 2.5pg for Cat Allergen.

Sample Required

  • Generally a 3mg sample of dust is necessary to conduct a meaningful test.
  • Seal the collection sample in a plastic bag, label it with name, sampling location and collection date and send it to the allergen laboratory.
  • Please call us first if you would like any advice on transport, submission forms and chain of custody forms.

Turnaround Time
2 weeks from receipt of samples.


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