Multi-Chamber Studies

Multi-Chamber Studies

Airmid has developed the capacity to perform studies using multiple chambers.

Linking chambers allows us to simulate the real-time impact of central air systems. These can be set to reflect a variety of circumstances and situations. Ducting can be selected to mirror that used by the system under testing. Analytes can include viruses, bacteria, mold/fungal spores, allergens, toxins, and VOC’s.

The conditions in these chambers can be completely controlled in terms of all relevant parameters, either being all the same or reflecting differences. Varying air velocities can be studied. Recirculation will continue for the pre-set time period, single or multiple passes being achieved.

The presence of linked “State-of-the-Art” chambers surrounded by our newly built laboratories, designed to cleanroom standards, in which the airmid scientific team perform a wide range of analyses (molecular biology, microbiology, mycology, virology, and allergen) on the air and surface samples generated in the multi-chamber testing system.

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