ISO 18071:2016


Fine ceramics – Determination of the antiviral activity of semiconducting photocatalytic materials under indoor lighting environment.

Product that can be tested

Non-porous indoor-light-active photocatalytic materials used in construction materials in flat sheet, board or plate shape.

Description of Test

  • The test method provides a quantitative evaluation of the antiviral activity of indoor-light-active photocatalytic materials by exposing the test material to an appropriate virus for 2-8 hours under a halophosphate fluorescent lamp at a predefined intensity.
  • Tests are run in triplicate for treated and untreated materials under the light and in the dark.
  • The test method has been written for use with the bacteriophage Q-beta, but the protocol can be adapted for use with other biosafety level 2 viruses/bacteriophages.

Third Party Validation

On passing this test, the tested product can be labelled as having been tested by airmid to ISO 18071:2014 in support of any claim relating to the test and data received.

Turnaround Time

4 – 6 weeks

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