ASTM F608-18

ASTM F608-18


Description of the test

Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness of Household/Commercial Vacuum Cleaners


This test method covers only a laboratory test for determining the relative carpet dirt removal effectiveness of household/commercial vacuum cleaners when tested under specified conditions. The test method is applicable to household/commercial types of upright, canister, and combination cleaners.

The test method applies to embedded dirt removal from carpets, not the removal of surface litter and debris.

This test method provides an indication of the capability of the vacuum cleaner to remove embedded dirt from carpeting. This test method is based upon results of home cleaning tests so that, in most cases, a reasonable correlation exists between home and laboratory results. The amount of dirt picked up in the laboratory test may not be the same as in the home; however, it will show that, in most cases, a vacuum cleaner that performs well in the laboratory will perform well in a home.

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