ASTM F2608-15 (2022)

ASTM F2608-15 (2022)

Test Description

Standard Test Method for determining the change in room air particulate counts as a result of the Vacuum Cleaning Process


In this test method, the amount of particulate generated into the air by operating a vacuum cleaner over a specific floor covering that is contaminated with dust will be determined.  A standardized test chamber, equipment, floor covering material, and dust particulate are used in this test method to provide a uniform basis for measuring the performance.  Particles from the motor, floor covering, and the test dust will all be measured. The amount of dust generated in the laboratory practice will differ from that in residential/commercial installations because of variations in floor coverings, soil and other solid particulate compositions, the vacuuming process used by individual operators, the air exchange rate of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and other factors.

Products That Can be Tested

  • Residential Vacuum Cleaners
  • Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Central Vacuum Cleaners

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ASTM F2608-15 (2022)

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