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Research for healthy vacuum cleaners.

With core expertise in the area of preventing ill health due to indoor air pollutants, airmid healthgroup scientists apply their skills to evaluate the complex interactions of biological and physical properties associated with vacuum cleaner products. 

Vacuum cleaners should safely remove any biocontaminants present and prevent the introduction of harmful pollutants and particles in the indoor environment. We recognise the importance of designing studies that closely replicate what is happening in real life in the home or indoor environment. Therefore, our experiments utilise proprietary test dust scientifically proven to have particle size distributions and bio-burdens representative of those occuring in a typical indoor space. 

Combining state of the art air sampling and particle counting in a highly sophisticated ASTM chamber and our adjacent microbiology facilities, we specialise in measuring both surface and airborne bacteria, molds, allergen, viruses and other toxic ultrafine particles. This provides a complete solution for healthy living and label claim validation.

We have experience in traditional filter based designs, as well as cleaners that incorporate steam, UV, heat and robotic technology.

An environmental and health assessment of a vacuum cleaner technology is likely to generate data that is publishable given the high relevence of the topic.  airmid healthgroup can assist in research dissemination through relevant media streams, such as scientific journals, industry publications or general interest media.



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