Founder gives key note address on Ill Health Prevention and Indoor Air Quality

Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland 22nd Annual Conference, 20th and 21st February 201.

Dr Bruce Mitchell CEO of airmid healthgroup was delighted to present a talk entitled “Exposure to Indoor Air Contaminants in the Workplace” at the 22nd Annual Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland conference held in Co. Limerick. In his talk Dr Mitchell addressed many of the key elements that need to be taken into account in insuring the quality of indoor air in offices.

As we spend approximately 90% of our lives indoors it has been shown that poor indoor air quality may have a drastic effect on one’s health and wellbeing. This frequently manifests itself through decreased productivity and increased absenteeism due to illness and general disquiet in the workforce. Taken together, these issues can have major financial and operational implications for employers and facilities management contractors. The only way to prevent this is through correct workplace cleaning and monitoring of the key parameters which have been shown to effect air quality.

The Health Friendly Air programme has been developed by airmid healthgroup in order to meet the need for employers to understand the potential issues in the quality of the air that their staff are exposed to, thus enabling preventative actions and remediation where necessary. The Health Friendly Air approach is to monitor the biological, physical, chemical, and gaseous parameters that are present. The findings from measuring these parameters are compared to international standards and best practice limits where applicable. This multifactorial approach allows for the detection of air contaminants and enables the interpretation of these findings for the purpose of a comprehensive report.

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