airmid to attend Filtration® 2012 in Philadelphia, USA, for aerobiology research

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airmid healthgroup Air Filtration & Biomedical research representatives will be attending the International Filtration Conference in Philadelphia, USA during the 14th – 15th November.


With newly commissioned ASTM Environmental Chamber capacity in our contract research facilities and several innovative filtration test protocols, the story is positive for those seeking product development advice through collaboration with airmid. With core expertise in preventing ill health due to indoor air pollutants, airmid scientists apply their skills to independently evaluate the design, efficacy and product claims of both traditional and no/low impedance filtration technologies.

Data is analysed and manufacturers are provided with solutions and advice on how their products may further contribute to healthy indoor living.

About airmid
We help our clients across a number of sectors improve, add value and differentiate their customer offerings through a focus on bio-medical data, health impact claims and air quality. We have a uniquely integrated facility which combines molecular biology and state-of-the-art air sampling in a highly developed environmental test chamber, where we can follow nominated allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds or other ultra-fine particles. As a world’s leading bio-medical and aerobiology research facility our clients describe us as a specialised extension to their research capabilities, we capture, store and manage your data and most importantly convert it into value.

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