Small-Scale Bed Bug Barrier Test


To investigate the small-scale effectiveness of a product against bed bugs over a period of time.

Test Description

All bed bug testing is performed in a specially designed chamber where both temperature and relative humidity are controlled. The test product and control are set up as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Bed bugs at different life cycle stages (1st – 5th instar nymphs and adults) are placed within a container and a 12cm x 10cm section of the test product is used to cover the opening. The test product is secured on the container and the whole container is placed within a bed bug testing arena to monitor bed bug movement. The activity of the bed bugs is documented over a 12 – 24 hour period. Tests for different sections of the product (ex. zip opening, middle and end sections and/or seams) are run simultaneously in different testing arenas.

Customer Benefit

  • The data generated by this test allows manufacturers claim verification that their product provides a barrier against bed bugs at different life cycle stages.
  • Enables preliminary testing of a prototype product, comparison of different product forms, and verification of product claims.
  • Pilot studies progressing through to full-scale studies (see “Full-Scale Barrier Test”)

Third Party Validation

After a successful assessment, the product can be labeled as having been tested by airmid healthgroup in support of any claim relating to the test and data received.

Sample Required

To be determined during consultation.

Turnaround Time

4-6 weeks from receipt of sample (dependent on bed bug life stages)

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