Single Pass Impact Study

Description of the Test

Intra-duct single pass test method to assess the allergen/microbial removal capability of an air cleaning device. 

Products that can be tested

HVAC Air Cleaning Technologies, HVAC Filters, Furnace Filters


Schematic Diagram


  • The HVAC air clearing technology such as a furnace filter is installed in the duct. A “single pass” assessment is established by running the duct fan and setting the chamber to a “full dump” of air.
  • Test-runs are performed with the selected HVAC air clearing technology against a control. Runs are performed in triplicate with multiple data points.
  • Challenge dust is introduced in the duct, downstream of the fan and upstream of the proximal sampling station over a designated time period. Changes in microorganism or airborne allergen levels along the duct are determined by real time sampling. Sampling takes place within the duct upstream (proximal) and downstream (distal) of the product under test over a designated time period. Allergen capture is also determined.
  • Results are reported as ratios of decrease across filter and allergen capture vs allergen challenge.


Turnaround Time

4 weeks


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