Irish Group position themselves at the forefront of trends in environmental medicine

Business_Finance_Apr2011-1In response to growing concerns about the effect of poor quality indoor air on health, a group of Irish clinicians established airmid healthgroup in 2007. Advanced scientific testing facilities were designed and constructed and a unique multidisciplinary team of medical specialists, occupational health and hygiene specialists and experienced scientists were assembled to achieve the group mission of preventing ill health caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants.

airmid healthgroup have constructed a number of advanced environmental chambers that allow them to mimic indoor building environments and provide repeatable data on the effect the product being tested has on indoor air quality and thus on building occupants' health. 

The scientific testing services are engaged by a wide range of product manufacturers to provide independent ‘real-life’ verification of claims regarding clearance of allergens, bacteria, viruses and moulds.

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