Health & Safety Review feature airmid's Health Friendly Air division

Health and Safety ReviewSore throats, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration and fatigue are among the warning signs which should alert employers to the fact that poor indoor air quality may be adversely affecting their employees' health. While compliance with the law is fundamental, the objective is to prevent exposure.

That prompts the question: how does the employer become aware of exposure? Employers should have identified the potential hazards and carried out a risk assessment, but in doing so may not have identified indoor air quality as a hazard.

But as Caitriona O'Donovan, general manager of airmid healthgroup's Health Friendly AirTM division, points out "ignorance is no defence against a claim or a prosecution". The threat of litigation, resulting from poor quality air, can result in "a risk of major financial liability for employers".

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R&D Announcement made for airmid healthgroup during Irish Prime Minister St. Patrick's Day 2011 Trip to Meet with US President

Barack Obama and Enda KennyWashington DC, USA, March 2011

The newly elected Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny made his first St. Patrick's Day visit to the US to meet with President Obama in Washington DC.  Various trade events took place over the visit and the trip was reported to be a huge success overall.

Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL) were pleased to be among those attending an event on March 17th in the Fairmont Hotel.  At this event the CEO of ASL, John McKeon, and the Sales Manager of the USA asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program, Michael Breshgold, were delighted to meet with the Prime Minister and take the opportunity to announce an exciting new development for Allergy Standards Ltd involving Spring Air International LLC.  Rick Robinson, President of Spring Air, was also happy to be present for the announcement.

Spring Air announced embarking upon a research and development project with airmid healthgroup ltd, a vertically integrated biotechnology innovation and research company dealing with indoor air health solutions across a number of areas. The airmid healthgroup ltd world class facilities span a wide aspect of disciplines all relevant to indoor particulate contaminants, ranging from virology, microbiology, mycology, endotoxin, allergen and including dust mite and bed bug research.

Following completion of the research phase Spring Air International LLC hope to enter the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program in the USA.

airmid team and Enda Kenny


World Leading Authority in Healthy Bedding Product Development will change the Bed Bug & Feather & Down Markets with New Research

Dublin, Ireland March 8th 2011

airmid healthgroup, a world leading authority in New Product Research targeting Healthy Sleeping, has developed two market changing test methods. This new research ensures bedding products aimed at either the bed bug market or constructed from Feather and Down are guaranteed safe, efficacious and healthy when tested by this accredited consultant laboratory.

“Some laboratories specialise in biological products such as insects and feathers, while others specialise in chemical and physical analysis of bedding textiles” says Fraser Hodgson, Chief Operation Officer at airmid healthgroup. “We are a physician founded laboratory, uniquely positioned to advise companies looking for technological and marketing advantages. We specialise in the complex interactions of biological, chemical and physical properties of bedding products and their components, guaranteeing a complete solution in healthy sleeping and label claim validation”.

Recent international research data shows asthma & allergy sufferers are not necessarily hypersensitive to Feather & Down, but rather accumulated dust mites & serum protein. airmid healthgroup’s new research addresses effective removal techniques of these accumulated antigens.  

Bed Bug infestations have increased dramatically over the last 5 years both in North America and Europe. The limited amount of research into the effectiveness of bedding products against bed bugs is varied. airmid healthgroup’s test methodologies utilise real-time bed bug challenges in temperature and humidity controlled chambers.

“Our research developments in healthy sleeping are unsurpassed”, says Dr Bruce Mitchell, CEO of airmid healthgroup. “Many global leaders in the bedding industry have already partnered with us as an extension to their existing in-house capabilities, providing them with a health guarantee for consumers & retailers through validating relevant label claims”.

airmid healthgroup will be attending New York Home Fashions Market week (13-18 March) to share with industry leaders their recent research.

At airmid healthgroup ltd our mission is to prevent ill health caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants. To achieve this goal we have assembled a unique multidisciplinary team of Clinicians, Industrial Hygienists, Occupational Health Advisers, and Specialist Laboratory Scientists in Mycology, Virology, Bacteriology, Allergy and Immunology.