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Retailers are increasingly relying on airmid healthgroup’s third party verification of their suppliers’ product claims to avoid potential litigation and to protect their reputation.

Governments offer very few regulations regarding non-pharmaceutical products that promote health or scientific claims. As a result, consumers are becomingly increasingly confused and misled by manufacturer’s claims about health benefits of products. airmid healthgroup experts can provide advice and guidance on health related product claims, to ensure that you meet both your quality standards and your customers’ expectations. We have specialist knowledge of assessing consumer products which claim to improve indoor air quality and human health.

We are trusted advisors to standards bodies and retailers around the world and our research results and test reports have also been used to gain certification by leading patient advocacy organisations in the USA, Canada and the UK. We would like to offer that level of certainty about health related product claims to you and your customers.

The range of testing, inspection and label verification services that we offer to retailers include;


  • Third party validation through a range of proprietary and internationally accepted scientific testing methods in our laboratories and test chambers
  • Interpretation of test results against internationally accepted best practice guidelines
  • Proof of allergen barrier efficacy for fabrics, seams and zippers
  • Proof of repellency to dust mites/bed bugs
  • Proof that a fabric is an effective barrier and bite proof to bed bugs
  • Proof of the efficacy of an anti microbial treatment
  • Analysis of feather and down filling for allergenic materials and bacterial or fungal contamination
  • Labelling Advice
  • Investigation of customer returns for allergenic, irritant, banned or restricted chemicals
  • Audit

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Pillow Manufacturer


We were struggling to achieve traction with our product, but the reaction that we receive from retailers and potential distributors has completely changed since we started using Airmid’s data to support our claims. It has definitely led to a positive uplift in the perception of the product