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Washroom Services

Airmid Health Group has developed the facility to replicate bathrooms/washrooms in a controlled environment and quantitate the impact on microorganisms of particular items of sanitary ware, electrical driven items and surfaces with specialised coatings.

These microorganisms may be newly introduced or have a pre -existing presence.

This has been achieved by plumbing in a washbasin, toilet and other items as required plus the introduction of hand dryers and relevant products into a 28.5 cubic metre chamber built to ASTM standards with HEPA filtration, control of air change ranging from 0-20 air changes per hour (ACH), as well as complete control of temperature and relative humidity levels.

Built from completely inert stainless steel based materials, the capacity exists to introduce particular surface coverings for walls and flooring, e.g. paints, tiles and other treated surfaces.

The conditions are ideal for testing treatments or designs which seek or claim to have anti-microbial properties. This is especially the case for products which have been already tested to standards on a small scale, such as assessment on treated coupons, where the indication of a potential benefit exists but where the true impact requires demonstration in a “real time” space.

Sampling and measurement of specific viruses, bacteria or fungal organisms in air and on surfaces as well as quantification of overall load represents the USP at Airmid Health Group.

Design features have a huge impact on certain products which may incorporate technology to beneficially impact the overall bioaerosol load but fail to do so because of design issues. These can be ironed out and alterations compared in the Airmid chambers when appropriately set up.

While the test chambers all have HEPA filtration systems, it is an option to shut this down and introduce air through an alternative system which can be adapted to test various forms of technology. These can be introduced into the airflow system to deal with the microbiological load that may be transported within.

The set up outlined is ideally suited to the testing of Hand Dryers.

Airmid has been able to demonstrate the impact of their activation on air and surfaces including hand contamination and compare levels against those demonstrated as occurring following other activities such as flushing a toilet, running a tap, hand washing, walking, drying by other means  and opening and closing doors.

The impact of design changes and introduction of additional technologies have all been tested in these systems.  


Global Hand Dryer Manufacturer

We find that other laboratories are unable to think outside of standard methodologies. Airmid took a flexible approach to design a methodology that would meet our objectives and stand up to critical acclaim. It is clear your intentions are to help us understand the true effect of the technology. Working with your team continues to confirm we have selected the right partner to work with.