Method for Measuring Performance of Portable Household Electric Room Air Cleaners

This standard establishes a uniform, repeatable procedure or standard method for measuring specified product characteristics of household portable air cleaners. The standard methods provide a means to compare and evaluate different brands and models of household portable air cleaners regarding characteristics significant to product use.
This standard allows for the determination of the Clean Air Delivery Rate for portable air cleaners. While the contaminants outlined in this standard are limited to smoke, pollen and dust, the general principles can be adapted to accommodate a wider variety of contaminants such as bioaerosols, allergens, and chemicals. Airmid provides 28.5 m3 environmental test chambers that are built in accordance with the ANSI/AHAM AC-1 standard.

The ability to accurately sample the air in a variety of different manners as befits each of the potential constituents of the Bioaerosols and then quantify them through highly sensitive , sophisticated laboratory techniques is what sets airmid apart.

Situated right beside our laboratories is a suite of climate-controlled testing chambers, the majority being full sized,  which can be adapted to meet almost any testing requirements, this is what allows airmid generate data of the highest standards. It is unique!

Our experience includes impedance and non-impedance based technologies, both free standing and in-duct. From HEPA/ULPA to UV, Ionization to Plasma fields, Photocatalytic to Ozone, either singly or in combination, gases and dry formulations, as well as other bespoke formulations, or large or small spaces, all are tested at Airmid Health Group.

Manufacturers who are seeking to have their products tested against a range of viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, allergens or toxins either in chamber-based studies, real life situations, or in vitro may wish to talk with Airmid health Groups scientists.  We provide:

  • Performance testing of existing products or protypes
  • Data to support marketing claims and product registration
  • Testing of new concepts, IP and designs as part of the product development journey  
  • Testing data beyond that currently required by ISO, ASTM and ASHRAE standards

Useful information

Airmid Sector Air 001

Air Devices Informational PDF

Roger Frye

Vice President Global Marketing – Fellowes Work Solutions

Working with airmid healthgroup has given us access to valuable knowledge in aerobiology and indoor air quality. Their scientific expertise and rigorous testing process has supported our message that Fellowes AeraMax™ air purifiers can make a real contribution to improving the quality of air in homes and offices