D. pteronyssinus (airmid strain)

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Housing shipping apporatus for live miteD. pteronyssinus, live culture
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus house dust mite cultures for use in commercial testing and research. Cultures are sold at approximately 1000 mites per gram, but higher mite densities can be provided at an additional cost. Mites are supplied in a small culture vessel and housing unit suitable for short term storage at room temperature.

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0.5g of Freeze dried miteLyophilised D. pteronyssinus
Mixed population of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (airmid strain) house dust mites from 28 day old cultures (96% mite content).

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1g of Spent Culture MediaAllergen rich spent culture media for use in commercial testing and research
Many house dust mite allergens are powerful digestive enzymes that are secreted by the mites as a by-product of digestion, accumulating in the faeces. Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus is maintained on the culture media until peak allergen accumulation is achieved. Each batch of spent culture media is subjected to ELISA quantification of allergens Der p 1, 2 & 3. The presence of all allergens is detected by LFQ-LC-MS/MS. Each batch of culture media is provided with certification of the repertoire of allergens present, and exact quantity of allergens 1, 2 & 3 per gram.

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More Information

Culture Purity
As part of airmid healthgroup's strict QC regime, all D. pteronyssinus (airmid strain) cultures are regularly subjected to a series of physical and molecular tests to ensure culture purity.

  1. Mite cultures are visually inspected every 28 days to examine for presence of non-target mites and assess overall wellbeing of the culture.
  2. Highly sensitive nested PCR to examine for trace contamination of D. farinae (effective at detecting one D. farinae per 1000 D. pteronyssinus, not yet validated).
  3. Der f 2 ELISA for presence of D. farinae allergen.

Rigorous culture regime
D. pteronyssinus (airmid strain) house dust mites have been maintained under constant laboratory conditions for 30 generations ensuring a homogenous population of healthy mites exhibiting well characterised allergen and protein profiles.

D. pteronyssinus maintained in isolation
D. pteronyssinus (airmid strain) is maintained in a designated culture chamber to minimise risk of non-target mite contamination. Dedicated acarologist staff are trained in proper handling procedures to ensure mites cultures are at all times free from risk of contamination.