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Bed Bug Testing from airmid healthgroup

airmid healthgroup maintains an in-house colony of bed bugs and provides a comprehensive range of bed bug testing services, in dedicated chambers.

Your one-stop for bed bug testing


We cover a range of sectors, including both commercial and residential areas. Our team collaborates closely with you to address your unique pest issues scientifically. Whether you need a quick solution or ongoing management, we guarantee effective results.

Our Laboratory

Our facilities include 3 m³, 18 m³, 28.5 m³ and 30 m³ environmental test chambers. These chambers are used to test the impact of a wide range of electrical appliances and household products on the levels of airborne particles or other harmful airborne pollutants, such as allergens and microorganisms, in a given environment.

Latest Articles

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Advanced Bed Bug Testing Research Presented by airmid healthgroup at EAACI

airmid healthgroup, a leading biomedical contract research organization specializing in aerobiology, presented groundbreaking research on bed bug testing at the EAACI 2024 Congress. The study addresse…

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bed bug testing

airmid’s Groundbreaking Bed Bug Testing Research Makes Waves at EAACI 2024

This past weekend, airmid healthgroup proudly presented groundbreaking research on bed bug testing at the EAACI 2024 Congress in Valencia. EAACI, renowned as the world’s largest allergy congress, is t…

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airmid to Unveil Advanced Bed Bug Research at EAACI 2024

At EAACI 2024, a standout abstract is being presented by airmid healthgroup’s Dr. Angela Southey, titled “Sleep Tight! – Bed Bug Testing of Bedding Encasements”

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The Hidden Challengers at the Paris Olympic Games: Bed Bugs

As the excitement for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris builds, athletes and fans from around the world are preparing to converge in the City of Light. While most concerns revolve around performance…

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What People Are Saying

Mr. Robert Hickson
MD of Vitra

“The quality of the third party data we received from Airmid helped us showcase our innovative strategy of licensing this novel technology at a prestigious international scientific event, the European Innovation Convention. Ultimately this will allow us add value and differentiate our customer offerings through a focus on health and indoor air quality.”

Rick Robinson,
President at Spring Air.

“Since 1926, Spring Air has provided innovative mattresses and sleep sets to the US consumer. Our investment in ground-breaking research with our partner airmid healthgroup, will provide new and superior, third-party-validated, healthy sleep products.”

Roger Frye
VP Global Marketing, Fellowes Work Solutions

“Working with airmid healthgroup has given us access to valuable knowledge in aerobiology and indoor air quality… Their scientific expertise and rigorous testing process has supported our message that Fellowes AeraMax™ air purifiers can make a real contribution to improving the quality of air in homes and offices.”