Bed Bug Feeding: The Petri Dish Method (Part 3/3)

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If you have any questions on the bed bug research or testing carried out at airmid healthgroup, please contact Graeme Tarbox at or +353 (0)1 633-6820

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airmid healthgroup helps clients with products and services related to residential and commercial indoor environments to differentiate their customer offerings through health relevant marketing claims. Clients include Dyson, LG, Stanley Steemer, Shaw Industries, Tarkett, Fellowes, Solent Group, Spring Air and Kenmore. airmid healthgroup creates value for clients through a number of collaborative strategies, including field research projects, environmental test chamber studies and licensing our own intellectual property. airmid healthgroup specializes in studying the relationship between allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds or other ultra-fine particles in the air and on surfaces to the spread of illness and disease in buildings. As a leading authority on biomedical and aerobiology research, they use this deep domain knowledge to improve products and services to make the indoor environment as healthy as possible.

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